Press release about the ongoing Shut down in Futo - SUG President official statement

My fellow Nigerian Students’, I bring you fundamental greetings in one Aluta spirit. It’s been seventeen days since the day our great ins...

My fellow Nigerian Students’, I bring you fundamental greetings in one Aluta spirit. It’s been seventeen days since the day our great institution witnessed one of her dreaded moments in history. The shock from that awful incident still holds a good number of our students in a bewildered state, especially our freshmen. But, we shouldn’t dwell on the past anymore, we must rise up to our feet, and move forward.

Hence, in the light of foregoing post-crisis, I, Comr. Akano Nnaemeka, President SUG FUTO, enjoin everyone on both sides of the divide to take equal blames. It is so unfortunate that, the supposed peaceful demonstration was hijacked by hoodlums to impose severe damage on both school and union properties. More painfully, the ugly incident had left behind, a depository of huge dent upon the good image of our noble institution. Nevertheless, we still remain the foremost Federal University of Technology in Nigeria, and best.

I, most sincerely want you to know that I have NEVER relented in my efforts to protect our collective interest and lead us forward. Even though, I and my entire Executive council, SRC and Judiciary, may have had huge shortcomings in rendering our selfless services to you all. Be rest assured, that, we solidly stand with you in all situations and always shall be. Indeed, I and entire SUG officials, have been working tirelessly to bring us the best. Prior to the unfortunate incident, we have been inconsistent dialogue with management about these issues and we were close to conclusions. In spite of that, we are still in dialogue, to make sure that, any genuine reasons behind the supposed peaceful demonstration is addressed. The acclaimed champions of the protest refused to seek for clarifications before embarking upon such detrimental action. Against every advice, and blinded by political benefits, went about to spread rumours and incite innocent minds. Today, that woeful mislead, have landed us all in this pitiful state of academic stagnancy and unexpected financial burden. Never again shall we allow that to happen or condone such impunity. Nonetheless, I have nominated a student representative to the membership of the Damage Assessment Committee; to ensure transparency and make sure we are not overbilled.

Apparently, during the SUG’s visit to Hot 99.5 FM Radio station, for the program, People’s Assembly. Many had expected us to talk badly about our institution or tell the world about our imperfection. Indeed, that would’ve been very unacceptable of us as student leaders, to paint a bad image of our dear school. We don’t hang our dirty laundry in public. Instead, we strive together as one big happy family, both staff and students’, to make things right. You have bestowed upon Aluta Excellence Executive, the mandate to serve and with God’s grace, we will not let you down. Against all odds, we remain focused and determined in our vision and mission, to add more value to the system and leave the Union, better than we met it. In managing the post-crisis situation, we have outlined the following modalities to tackle the numerous problems we face on Campus and ensure that, the unfortunate incident of Friday, 17th Feb. 2017 does not repeat itself in the future. As a family of enlightened undergraduates, we dearly need your truest understanding in this trial moment of our administration, unwavering support and cooperation, in order to realise these goals. 1). Our major desire is to ensure that, we return back to Campus in earnest, to complete our academic calendar. We are making every necessary effort to make it possible. Importantly, the SUG will ensure that we are given ample time to prepare for Test and Examination, upon resumption. 2). Once again, we apologise for notable communication gap and, will do all it takes to get better and bridge all gaps; We shall embark on weekly visits or more often, as urgency demands, to Hostels and off-campus areas; Eziobodo, Umuchima, Ihiagwa, Obinze, to interact with Nigerian students and make announcements. – Regular SMS to Faculty Presidents/Pro, Dept. Pres./pro, OffcampusSRC’s, H Govs, Off-campus Ambassadors, Lodge Pres., Course R eps., etc. As well as paste notices on all notice boards on Campus. N/B Henceforth, Do not act upon any news or pay any non-receipted fee(s) if, you are in doubt. Demand for receipt and endeavor to get clarification from SUG officials. Hence; “NO MORE PAYMENT FOR COURSE REGISTRATION” ” THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL N10,000 FOR LATE PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES” “NO COMPULSORY PURCHASE OF ENGINE DRAWING BOARD & ACCESSORIES FROM SCHOOL” ” NO MORE COMPULSORY PURCHASE OF TEXT BOOKS” ” NO MORE PAYMENT FOR CHANGE OF TELLER TO RECEIPT” ” DO NOT PAY MORE THAN N2,000 FOR DEPT. DUES” ” FACULTY AND ASSOCIATION DUES ARE ALL EMBEDDED IN DEPT. DUES OF N2, 000 ONLY” “NO MORE COMPULSORY PURCHASE OF LAB & WORKSHOP COATS FROM SCHOOL. YOU CAN BUY FROM ELSEWHERE OR SEW YOURS. BUT, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LAB & WORKSHOP COAT BEFORE YOU ATTEND THOSE CLASSES” “FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS’ DURING CLEARANCE – NO MORE PAYMENT OF N500, LESS THAN OR MORE, AT EVERY DESK” Report immediately to SERVICOM or SUG Officials, if you’re threatened or not served right. 3) We understand, that, the days are evil and times are hard. Therefore, we shall organize monthly prayer days on Campus, to recommit our school and Students’ into God’s care. Last Fridays of every month. Time & Venue will be communicated. 4) We will ensure to carry everyone along in this govt. So as to make a better union. Violence is NEVER the best means to solve problems. If you discover anything going wrong anywhere, please, do not keep quiet. Realize that, YOU are a stakeholder in this university, no matter how small or big in size. Report to school authority or SUG officials. For those who prefer to remain annonimous, we understand. We shall provide Suggestion Boxes at SUG Secretariat. The SUG PRO will make sure to check it every two days and dutifully convey the message to the appropriate quarters. You need not write your name, just put down your complaint and location. If its a matter of urgency, our phone numbers are available on the notice board. We’ll make sure your voice is heard and problem solved. Lets join hands to build a better FUTO and Union. 5) Lets not forget that, most of these problems we face on Campus, have been there, since several previous administrations. Nevertheless, we are doing everything within our powers to clear the backlog and bring lasting solution. We reassure you that, all our grievances will be thoroughly addressed before resumption. 6) We are still in constant dialogue with management, to ensure that, other problems of growing concern is addressed. Such as; Provision of more Banks and ATM’s, Reduction in cost of Textbooks, Manuals, Lab& Workshop coats and other fees, Reduction in price(s) of goods and services around the school premises, Relocation of Students’ from LH2, SEET WORKSHOP 3, 750 CAP., CCE Building etc… To conducive lecture venues. – Quick release of semester results. N/B Report to SUG Officials, any Class Adviser who delays. – Zero tolerance of extortion, Sexual harassment, intimidation, Bullying, victimisation etc…, by Lecturer(s), Staff or Fellow students. Report to Student Affairs Unit or SUG officials. – Regular sanitation around the school environment and school Hostels. Report to SUG Officials if, the contractor responsible for sanitation at your Hall of residence is not doing a good job. – Improvement in Security and regular patrol of security personnels. Especially, at night time. Please, quickly call the attention of school Security, ManO’War, or SUG Officials, if you notice any unusual person(s), activity around Campus. – Provision of Campus shuttle and taxis, in place of motorcycle, at affordable rates. Exceptional Routes such as SMAT Complex will be covered. – Installation/repair of street lights around the school environment for visible ambience at Night. – Provision of more water reservoirs at school Hostels. Regular generator / EEDC power supply at usual times. ETC.. We shall keep you updated as our dialogue yields more results. Dear friends, colleagues, class mates, roomies; our hearts bleed, because, in our imperfection, we may have failed you all. But, we have realised our mistakes. Therefore, we solemnly ask for your understanding and renewed confidence in our government. For the few who do not believe in Aluta Excellence, soon, we shall give you more reasons to change your mindset and give us support. I am poised now, more than ever, to put on the whole armour of Aluta and lead us forward. Thank you my beloved brothers and sisters in the struggle and God bless. Aluta Continua… Victoria Ascerta !!! LONG LIVE FUTOITES!!! LONG LIVE ALUTA EXCELLENCE!!! LONG LIVE FUTO SUG!!! LONG LIVE MOTHER NIGERIA!!!

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INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Press release about the ongoing Shut down in Futo - SUG President official statement
Press release about the ongoing Shut down in Futo - SUG President official statement
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