Comr Uzoho Chukwuka (Sug P.R.O Elect) Voiced out in an Exclusive Interview

This Interview is a blog series presented by InsideFuto BLOG , where we aim to chat with FUTO politicians and Popular St...

This Interview is a blog series presented by InsideFuto BLOG, where we aim to chat with FUTO politicians and Popular Students, whose hit/effect is known on campus so that the general public will know there intent. In this first episode, we met with Uzoho Chukwuka (SUG P.R.O ELECT).
In this interview he will be telling Nigerian Students what is expected of him as the SUG P.R.O
So grab a Popcorn or an ice-cream as you relax to read our conversation below, like you are watching The Tinsel Tv Show.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Good evening Sir, Please can we meet you?

P.R.O ELECT: My name is Rotr. Comr. Uzoho Chukwuka. A student of Information Management Technology. At the time of this interview, the Students Union Government P.R.O elect 2016/2017.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Ok Sir, Can you please explain to us the work of a P.R.O?

P.R.O ELECT: The acronym P.R.O means Public Relations Officer. Basically, the major duty of the P.R.O is being responsible for information dissemination. As the popular say goes " If you are not informed then you are deformed. The P.R.O ensures that proper information gets to the public.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Ok, Comr. Chukwuka, are you saying the work of the P.R.O is just to share information? Nothing else?

P.R.O ELECT: In the context of the SUG PRO the constitution doesn't just permit him to disseminate information to the members of the Union which every matriculated student of FUTO is a member. He oversees the kind of information that goes out to members of the Union. Meaning he approves or disapproves the kind of information that other people want to give to the Union members
NB: When I say information, It includes any means this information gets across to students e.g Information through Banners, speakers, posters etc.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Alright Sir, Do you think there is anything the incumbent PRO has been doing that you think its not right?

P.R.O ELECT: Well, I can't categorically state what I think he is not doing right. I just believe in a Bible passage that says " The wish of every father is that their Sons will be greater than them".

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Ok Sir, Can you please tell Nigerian students what your first project in Office will be

P.R.O ELECT: While I was campaigning I stated that the campus is now too dirty and untidy due to indiscriminate posting of banners, posters and other publicity material. A visit to Sosc extension would make you uneasy. The newly completed 500capacity has been totally abused as a result of this. At the end of the day you find out that there is information overload that people don't get informed at all.
Right now, while we await inauguration, I have started setting up some mediums that will discourage such abuse;
1) A day after inauguration a memo will be sent round to the general public to identify various publicity materials placed around school, the ones that are placed wrongly will be removed, Lecture halls that have been stained with posters will be cleaned and we shall sensitive students on the need to make use of notice boards and not walls. Lecture venues that lack notice boards, we shall put up notice boards for them.
2) The Radio FUTO, which is a broadcasting channel in the hostels will be resuscitated such that students and organizations can pass information from that medium.
3) The SUG social media platforms will serve as mediums to pass information and finally the SUG website would soon be launched.
So basically, my first project is bringing back the ethics in information dissemination and public relations.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: WOW, This seems to be a great task, but it is certain that some persons will still go ahead and paste things on the wall..... What actions will you take to this?

P.R.O ELECT: A special task force is being set up that would remove any poster seen on the wall.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Talking about Radio FUTO, Haven't seen the broadcast photo of "Radio Futo" on facebook, how soon will you execute this project?

P.R.O ELECT: Immediately school resumes.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: You are aware that the past PRO's have tried to make sure Futo have a radio station but failed. How sure are you that you will accomplish this immediately school resumes as you've said? And how do you plan in doing this?

P.R.O ELECT: When I say Radio FUTO, "I don't mean a radio station with frequency". In all the hostels there are broadcasting speakers connected to each so that when you talk, the whole hostel hears you. That is what we are resuscitating and what we are calling Radio FUTO. "If we are able to manage it properly, we can write to the school for a proper radio station".

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: In Respect to what you just said, what is the faith of students residing outside the hostel? What are your plans for them?

P.R.O ELECT: A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step, if we are able to manage this project properly, hopefully we can set up a radio station that would be broadcasting Off campus as well.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Comr. Chukwuka, We learnt that you are SMAT PRO, we will like you to tell Nigerian students some things you accomplished during your tenure in office

P.R.O ELECT: I worked with various departmental PRO's In SMAT to ensure information was delivered. As a member and former editor-In-Chief Infoscope-Futo achieving it was easy. I organized an online competition for SMATites titled TALKandDO Challenge which was a means to encourage action in students. I equally worked hand in hand with the SUG PRO Comr. Ogbonna Rochas which landed me the position as the Editor-In- Chief 3rd Eye Newspaper.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Sir, Some persons are saying you look too quiet for the office you are occupying what did you have to say this?

P.R.O ELECT: Lol...I'm I quiet??
Well, MLK said "One day people will not be judged by the color of their skin rather by the content of their character." I believe ACTion speaks louder than voice. #TalkandDo.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Alright Comr. What are the posible obstacles you think you will encounter that will not make you accomplish some things as the P.R.O? And What is/are your greatest fear as SUG PRO?
P.R.O ELECT: If the students that elected me are not ready to work with me then it's a problem and If the school management does not approve my proposals.

We are about to round up this interview Sir, What do you have to say to Nigerian Students?

P.R.O ELECT: I have never been very convinced the way I am now about Nigerian students. For the first time in a very long while, they stood up for what is right, defended posterity. I just plead with Nigerian students to continue to remain patriotic and supportive to the Aluta Excellence republic and I promise you "Be Prepared for a Quantum Leap"
God bless you. God bless FUTO. God bless Nigeria.
Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Ok, at this point we have come to the end of this interview. Thanks you very much Rotr. Comr. Uzoho Chukwuka for giving us your attention, we believe you will give us the opportunity to have an interview with you next time we call on you.

P.R.O ELECT: Sure. Thank you too.

INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Alright Comr. Good night.

P.R.O ELECT: Goodnight.



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INSIDEFUTO BLOG: Comr Uzoho Chukwuka (Sug P.R.O Elect) Voiced out in an Exclusive Interview
Comr Uzoho Chukwuka (Sug P.R.O Elect) Voiced out in an Exclusive Interview
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